Eco-friendly synthetic turf in a Huntsville home backyard, offering a low maintenance and pet-friendly artificial lawn solution.

 Artificial Grass Huntsville, AL

Artificial grass can be used for many different projects, whether that is artificial grass putting greens, artificial grass for landscaping needs, or sports fields. People do not realize that artificial grass is also great for pets! Using artificial grass in your yard for your pets can eliminate a whole host of problems. Some of these are brown spots where your dog urinates, digging holes in your yard, and tracking in mud and dirt, just a few things artificial grass can help eliminate. Southern Greens partners with Veterinary offices and home pet owners all over Memphis and the Southeast to provide solutions to help you preserve the look and health of your yard.  With artificial grass you no longer have to worry about your pet causing brown spots in your yard, artificial grass is resistant to discoloration when it comes into contact with your pets waste. Artificial grass will also reduce the messes your pet makes in the yard. No more tracking mud and dirt back into the house after your dog

Pet turf Huntsville AL
Pet turf from Southern Greens

has been outside.  The nonabsorbent backing of artificial grass allows your yard to drain better and remain cleaner even in the worst weather.  Artificial grass is inorganic and does not require watering or mowing, saving you water and time. This also means a completely green lawn all year round. Artificial grass is also great at deterring your pet from digging in your yard.  Artificial grass has a backing that holds the fibers together to prevent digging.  Artificial grass is also a great way to reduce pests in your yard. Artificial grass is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning pests like ticks, fleas, and ants do not live in your yard as they would with real grass. It also means that when your pet goes to the bathroom in your yard, the antimicrobial infill will take care of any bacteria and smell.  The benefits of artificial grass are huge. It can

Huntsville AL pet grass
Pet Grass from Southern Greens

save you hundreds of dollars every year just in water bills. It is also a great way to keep your yard looking great all year round with little to no Maintenance. Be the envy of your neighborhood with a continuously great-looking lawn with artificial grass.
So now that you can see all of the great benefits of artificial grass, let Southern Greens give you a free estimate today!

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